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Why Blogging is important

We all start with the notion of creating a dominant industry space on the web. But most of us miss the most important part in creating the presence which is the content part.

Having a blog for your business to stand independently from your competitors is paramount. The main advantage of having a blog is to generate traffic to your website and as we all know, the more traffic it comes the better it is.  Traffic is always the most important metric that converts and decides the sales closure for any organization. Blogging stands as a hero with a cape in leading all the people out there in the market to your blog post. Each blog is a funnel, a funnel that converts to a quality lead. 

Trust of potential customers can be garnered with the help of social media and Blogs, trust can be garnered with contents that actually delve into the user driving psychology of the target audience to bring in more people to the website. It also helps you create a community in the field of your niche, the people that are willing to move forward with your clients can be appealed with the help of a strong content strategy. Not only the content that makes quality leads but also results, the trustworthy knot you make between the person who is in your blog is the main drivi9ng metric that allows you to get deep into the growth.

Communities are the second social media that stand at the top of every digital presence. The power of word-of-mouth marketing is irreplaceable. The drive that a community can give to your website is much higher when it is compared to the ranking your keywords get on search results. Power of Word-of-mouth marketing is comparatively high when compared to the drive any brand receives from any advertisement. Getting endorsed by reviewers and top curators will boost your business profile and the core pillar that flares up the reach to wider audiences controlled by the so called word-of-mouth.

Seizing the attention of your clients is the final and most important part, this can only be achieved with the help of words you tell them and this in fact is  a content strategy which is coined as the most lucrative ‘copywriting’. Each and every word has the power to persuade any person to get onto the funnel and the lead is moulded with the help of results you have driven for various other customers. Words make a lasting impression for our audience and this matters especially when you are bringing audiences from various sources to your site. The audience that comes into your landing pages and blogs will be filtered through your competitor’s content strategy and this makes your throughput to be doubled for moulding the trust and make them convert into a potential customer. 

Blogs tell us how the audience reacts and how they are impressed with your strategy. Each link clicks and impressions are obviously the engagement rate of your audience, this itself stand as the mapping template that invokes the person to set a meeting with you.


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