How customer perception moulds your product


How customer perception moulds your product

If your company owns a software as a service product and if you are willing to be the next Zoom or Slack, then this blog is for you. Every SaaS Product Model that has a great vision requires a tremendous amount of hard work and execution to reach each milestone. A strong framework is always recommended that is to be leaned on and iterated through each stage of the sales cycle. In order to continuously successfully execute this framework there are several elements that


The initial phase of this framework starts with company value. Culture is one of the things that is actually a critical part that scales any organization. Team work, dedication and Leadership if goes in a blend which actually moulds the employees to be happy and driven are huge factors that drive success, these should be the beliefs that should be showcased to your audience. This should be defined clearly to your audience to create a persona for your Brand. Uninterrupted homeworks should be carried out for communicating this with your audience. You should often ask your employees what they need and how the culture should be curated. This itself gives you an approach that should be followed, which in fact is a data driven approach. 

Now comes the most important framework,the second phase of the framework, and that is the sales team. The sales team should be data driven and around it and there should be tactics that drive these approaches. Taking the score of each person and comparing them with the topper performers, is a proven method to drive sales. Schedule half a day of collective meetings in each quarter and find out what account executives are doing and find out why they are doing that particular task. What the best people on the team are doing in order to overachieve their target, what are their conversion rates and various tasks of account executives must be recorded. This must be injected with data from all other sources such as salesforce, scraping the calendar and so on.Now this gives rise to reverse engineering and will bring into the dashboard the key metrics that are to be considered to forecast the result on a quantitative basis. This is what you should be expecting yourself to do and our goal is to have 100 percent above that. Look after what they are looking at and allocate them time regularly having conversation with them. 

Now we have quantitative data and we want qualitative data, the third phase of the framework. For this we need the strategy, the first phase of the framework, which is the company culture. Constantly evaluating and taking this to the management team, now we are going to focus heavily on engagement and we should be focused on training. Doing territory reviews and giving a gap to goal analysis along with giving a gap how to fill the gap. A review with account executives, leaning on the team to do the dreamwork must be an option for every product startup and product model business . It is to continuously wash, rinse and repeat so that they know exactly how to go for success.

It is super important to celebrate and get some funky, there should be a platform where all should be celebrated and all the goodness comes in. You should also be obsessed with customers and find out what they are doing and what should be done.

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