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5 E- Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

There has been a great emphasis on e-commerce websites in these pandemic times. Even traditional businesses have been forced to shift to online business. As a result, the competition is immense and only the businesses with a clear-cut strategy in place will be able to survive.

Building an e-commerce site alone wouldn't do. An inventive marketing strategy has to be devised to make it reach out to the target segment that makes regular online purchases and sales.

 Businesses have to constantly keep a tab on their conversion rate. They should take the necessary steps to ensure that it does not fall below the bare minimum. 

What is the eCommerce conversion rate?

The Conversion rate gives accurate data on the total percentage of people who take the desired action within a certain period of time. CRO primarily involves sales made from online stores. 

The average purchase conversion rate of an e-commerce site is about 2.68% which makes for 3 out of 100 people. It is ascertained by dividing the number of product conversions by the average number of visitors. If the result fails to match your expectations, it is time to opt for a new conversion strategy.

5 simple strategies to increase the e-commerce conversion rate

Provide live chat customer service

Customers prefer those sites that respond promptly and accurately to all their queries. Timely responses inspire confidence in their minds. Hence a live chat support feature will be extremely beneficial to your e-commerce website. It is one of those sought-after ways to enhance the website’s conversion rate.


Emphasize on customer reviews

According to a study, 61% of customers have the tendency to read the reviews before making the purchase. Request your loyal customers to write a positive review about your enterprise. It will help to build trust in the minds of the potential customers. Publishing more such reviews can have a positive impact on your e-commerce site.

Optimize your site for mobile

Nowadays, customers have a tendency to spend more time on their mobile devices. As a result, mobile sales account for more than one-third of retail sales. The e-commerce sites should be created with an emphasis on mobile sales. Therefore it is important that the e-commerce store for mobile devices is optimized to increase the conversion rate.


Use HQ images along with product descriptions

As customers are unable to touch and feel the products in the case of e-commerce purchases, a detailed description that dispenses all the essential information about the product is absolutely necessary. The sellers should also ensure the image quality of the products they sell. It will be a great boon to the customers. 

Better your keyword research

Keywords play an integral part in increasing the e-commerce conversion rate.  Businesses must know exactly what their prime customers are looking for. Or else it could be extremely difficult to market the products effectively.


The marketers should also steer clear of overuse. Apply keywords only where it is necessary. Refrain from using way too much of it. 


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