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How to unlock yourself from lockdown

Lockdown and boredom- the not so identical twins created by the mom coronavirus. We all are living through a different wave of life where we take maximum efforts to engage ourselves in plenty of activities. Living inside the walls of our homes has indeed unlocked the creativity in many of us. Those who were readers are the new writers, fitness enthusiasts, foodies,fashionistas are now blogging their daily lives, people have turned into numerous storytellers. If we all had something common during this lockdown, it would be ‘boredom’. This very boredom is what leads many people to do things they never did in their entire life. We often blame COVID-19 for forcing us to sit at home. Perhaps, I believe that it’s time we look at the brighter side of this lockdown and not see the lockdown as a lock, but a way to unlock your inner self. Don’t be mistaken, this is not a spirituality call. I believe that we should welcome boredom with open hands.

I know you are confused after reading this, but yes, you read it right! Don’t you think it’s high time we say it’s boring to say boring? Confused enough? Let me put this in simple words,  if you are bored during this lockdown, which you obviously are, don’t be annoyed, let the boredom eat you up, and then see what it leaves you with. Those crumbs that you are left with can do wonders for you.Too much to take? Well, history has proven that being locked down for a long time is the perfect way to nurture your talents. Being bored lets your creative forces take in dominance. Talking of history, here are a few successful personalities who found their way through their lockdown days. William Shakespeare allegedly wrote King Lear during a plague, Sir Isaac Newton reportedly formulated the theory of gravity in quarantine in the 17th century, while Alexander Pushkin wrote some of his greatest works under lockdown in 1830.Don’t be stupid and think that you are locked, instead think that you are gifted. Gifted with the most valuable thing, ‘ Time’. Not every time you get a chance to slow down time now is your time to do what you love! Who knows maybe you are in the stage of creating a masterpiece that the world would look upon!We are not locked, time is what is locked. Use it before it starts running again.

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