How to Choose the Right Technology for Your Mobile app?


How to Choose the Right Technology for Your Mobile app?

Before building a mobile application, you should have a comprehensive knowledge on the technology behind it. You must be aware of all the latest developments that have occurred in the field.


A thorough research ought to be done. Only that will help you choose the platform and app that matches your business’s objectives. The research will also help you get used to certain technical jargons that are likely to come up during the discussions with the mobile app development team.

There are a variety of technological stacks available for mobile app development. Each approach has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You ought to find the perfect mobile architecture to ensure that your objectives are met. After narrowing down the architectural options, you can select the approach that completely suits the needs of your business. 

Here are some popular approaches that you can consider

Native Approach

It refers to the development of an app using the native code that it has been built for. Easily available for download in App stores, Native Apps work perfectly on devices on the operating systems that it has been designed for. 

Cross-Platform Approach

Also known as Hybrid apps, they function seamlessly on multiple platforms by using the cross-platform network.  Considered to be reusable, Cross-platform apps follow the architecture of web-based technologies that are ideal for big enterprises. Pre-built integration with database and web services makes it highly advantageous.

Mobile Web Approach

Mobile web apps generally run on a central server that is not installed on your device. It can be accessed from any modern device with an internet browser. It helps you reach out to a larger segment of the audience with absolute ease. The quality of internet connection is of absolute importance in the case of these apps.

Identify the Objectives of your Mobile App

The chief purpose of a mobile app should be identified before you go ahead. It will help you determine the target market of your app. Mobile Apps largely fall into 3 categories as specified below

Problem Solving

Most of the apps are specifically designed to solve the daily hassles of the customers. Many such apps have gained immense popularity in recent times. The apps that allow you to book movie tickets, travel tickets are a testament to the same. Especially in this post-pandemic period, it is of great comfort.


The game apps come under this category and the primary objective of the mobile app is to entertain. The success of the gaming apps generally lies in their global appeal and the scalability they provide to users across the world. For example, the games are offered for free but the user can purchase the upgrades to reach higher levels of the game.

Added value

This category includes apps that are designed to make our lives easier.  Apps such as Twitter, Spotify that make our communication extremely simple and effective will find a place among those

Engage the target audience


Identification of the target audience is a step of absolute prominence. An analysis of the app audience will offer you an insight on the various platforms to be supported and types of user experiences to be provided. The native users offer the highest “stickiness” factor by delivering the richest and most impressive user experience by taking full advantage of the capabilities of the mobile device. 


The app should be designed in such a way that it instantly attracts the attention of the users. It should keep them constantly glued to the app. 


Simple yet efficient is the way to go!


  • A mobile app ought to be a potent combination of simplicity and efficient functional capabilities. It will keep the users glued to their apps. 


  • It should offer quality performance without any inordinate delays.


  • The app needs to follow industry-standard security measures to protect user data at all costs.


  • Not resorting to security will invite legal actions that could affect the popularity of the app.


  • An effective feedback system is necessary to encourage open communication between the users and the Mobile App developers.




If cost is not a constraint, Native apps with their exemplary features and performance could prove to be the best platform for your mobile app. But it is also the most expensive of the lot. Whereas mobile web could be the most suitable for those who prefer the approach. 

If your primary objective is to target an audience on multiple platforms, you need to use cross-platform apps that can help you strategically reach important devices.

The right technology for your mobile app should be zeroed in only after considering all the factors mentioned above including the technical resources.


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