Magento PWA: Redefining the online shopping experience


Magento PWA: Redefining the online shopping experience

There’s a lot of buzz about the emerging term – Progressive Web Applications (PWA) in E-commerce and among web developers. Its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds, especially in online retail. In a nutshell, PWA is a website with all the benefits of an app. It makes browsing the site from a mobile device easier without downloading a traditional app directly to the device. As we all know, Magento has everything that helps you to sell. It comes equipped with advanced features to run an online business effortlessly. With the rising popularity of Magento and its applications, the Magento team felt the need to enhance the online shoppers experience by making it secure, quick, and more engaging.


Magento PWA: Redefining the online shopping experience

With increase in use of mobile devices and digital media, and the expectation of every mobile user to get an app-like user experience browsing the website made the developers to introduce Magento studio that supports PWA. This is a wonderful add on that can help Magento merchants to reap more benefits by migrating the store from Magento 1 to Magento 2 with a PWA.

The Magento PWA is a modern web technology that aids a better growth rate and attracts more number of users, thereby keeping in check the principles of Magento and integrating E-commerce with it. It enhances the mobile as well as desktop user experience by providing many user-friendly features such as adding it to their home screens on their very first visit to the page.

Both Magento and PWA bring an array of benefits to the ecommerce store. With PWA studio, it's easier to convert an e-commerce site to a PWA app. Magento launched their PWA studio, with a powerful set of tools that helps to maintain a PWA storefront on Magento 2 like,

  • Peregrine
  • Babel-preset-peregrine
  • Venia-UI

Benefits of Magento 2 PWA

Enhances website conversions

The app-like layout of PWAs makes the purchase journey smooth by easing product searches and routing for faster checkouts. It basically addresses the factors which hinder mobile conversions..

Combats cart abandonment  

Easy and quick purchase can drastically cut your cart abandonment rates.

  • Improved user retention – placing the app on home screen helps to keep the users under scanner
  • Brings recurring traffic – identify the interested users and luring them with fresh updates.
  • Better CTA (call-to-action) – with the right tactics and irresistible deals using push notifications,  are an impactful and well-targeted approach to conversion.

Multi-channel engagement

Customers come from various channels. Brands with financial backup can deploy various strategies in different channels and gain an upper hand over the target audience. Whereas, for small and medium businesses it becomes extremely challenging to reach all as they have financial constraints and are forced to choose between the engagement channels by their SMEs and leave out the rest. PWA helps all kinds of businesses to achieve their full potential by targeting omni platform approaches that increase Revenue, encourages customers to engage with the brand across multiple touchpoints and channels.

Better mobile user experience

Most websites work perfectly on a computer, but when viewed on devices like mobile and tablets, it does not deliver a quality experience to the user. With magento PWA, the user experience will be equivalent to that of a mobile app. This gives a fair advantage for small and medium businesses to compete with brands with their own mobile apps.

Wrapping up

Magento PWA could be considered as a breakthrough in the ecommerce industry. It helps sellers to get in the game against their competitors, by universalizing the shopping experience across all devices. It’s especially useful for small and medium businesses who cannot afford native apps for their website as well as increase their reach through various platforms. Magento PWA is here to stay in the ecommerce industry especially given the current situation of the world economy.

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