No-Code App Development: All You Need To Know


No-Code App Development: All You Need To Know

The mobile era is here—We have more mobile users today than desktop users. And more than ever, mobile apps improve customer satisfaction and help take your business further. However, what if you’re a budding startup with no budget to invest into building an app of your own. Or you have an amazing app concept or a side hustle that you want to turn into reality but you don't have necessary programming experience or the budget to hire an app developer. What would you do then? This is where no-code app development comes into the picture.


The presence of traditional computer programming has been around for more than a century. It refers to any manually created program that requires input data and runs on a computer to produce the output. However, an advanced type of programming has revolutionised the way we do business, it's machine learning. The no-code application development, that involves machine learning, is helping to create and deploy applications faster than ever.

What is No-code development?


No-code application development is a method of building applications without having to write a single line of code. This allows even non-technical users to build mobile applications by using no-code platforms. These platforms enable the app builders to use the drag-and-drop pre-configured blocks to create advanced applications.They come with user friendly, visual development interface and helps the builder to create a full app with no coding experience and no-code!


However, there is a major misconception with no-code applications that you can only build simple apps. This is not true. With the advancement in technology, no-code application builders have become highly sophisticated. This has helped to build rich functionality to meet the varying business demands, and build amazing enterprise applications with ease using no-code platforms

Features of No-code platforms

Drag and drop interface


No-code development platforms have gotten so much attention and are growing at a lightning speed because of the ease of use. The convenience of drag-and-drop feature is a primary reason that made no-code development platforms popular. This feature enables both developers and non-developers to develop applications quickly without coding. 


 Data connections

No-code application platforms mostly come pre-configured with database and server side applications.It provides a simple user interface that helps to connect with a preferred database. A standard no-code application platform is not only about the user-facing visuals. It also helps to provide data management and processing capabilities that run in the back end to give a       complete structure to the business workflows.


User interface builder

No-code platforms usually come with a user interface builder that allows the users to assemble pre-configured components to build an application easily. The drag and drop feature helps the builder to arrange the modules logically to create functionality. In a nutshell, everything you need is already developed and all you need to do is drag, drop and arrange without writing any code!



Most no-code application platforms enable integration with other independently designed applications to work together. This helps to connect your data and process it without having to duplicate or do manual work. By using API integrations, the apps that are built using no-code platforms can be integrated with other web applications such as whatsapp, youtube, twitter, google maps etc, and this helps the business for better connectivity and improve their collaboration and workflow.


Advantages of No-code  Development

Reduced Time

Building applications using no-code development platforms is done through drag and drop of the already built in modules. This means the development of applications is much faster. These platforms offer automated testing that significantly cuts down the total development time.


Reduced Cost

No-code development helps you get more done with less. Firstly, you don’t have to hire highly skilled and expensive app developers to build and maintain your applications. Secondly, the drag and drop way of building an application without the need to write traditional coding from the ground up helps save time and overall costs involved.


 Increased productivity

Being productive at work can be difficult. With no-code developing, the app development is done with ease and the process can be completed faster. As everything you need is already built and all you need to do is to just assemble them. The improved speed helps to complete the work within a few days that otherwise may take weeks or months together.


Easily changeable

Requirements may keep changing like, the users may request new features, clients may want a change in design, security vulnerabilities will be uncovered, and new standards for privacy will be demanded etc. The problem with traditional coding is that it becomes extremely difficult to change a functionality. But a no-code application helps to change any functionality within a matter of a few hours.



Not knowing how to code should not stop anyone from achieving their dream, from launching their ideas or businesses to following their entrepreneurial aspirations. No-code development allows anyone to be an app builder without the knowledge of traditional programming languages. Many exciting no-code development platforms have opened up a way to revolutionize how businesses are conducted these days with much reduced cost and time. No-code app development is all set to make the lives of dreamers, non coders and even coders much easier down the line.

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