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Instagram is switching back

Guess what ?

The show stealer application Instagram is switching back to chronological feed this year. As per the latest news updates, Instagram King Adam Mosseri, who is heading Instagram said that Instagram will be switching back to it’s chronological feed this year. As of now, when you log in to your Instagram account, you will see posts and contents preferably by the people you have more engaged with. In the new update , this will be completely called off. You will be seeing posts prioritised by the time they are posted.

The real show stealer is still in it’s way. Make a guess, let us know if you are a real content enthusiast. Just kidding folks, that is why we are here. Let us dive deep in, so as the reports convey, Instagram will be introducing three new feed pattern for it’s users 

The first one is named favourites, which will prioritize your feed according to the favourite creators and accounts you follow. If you are opting for this feed option, your feed will be aligned in such a way that you will see the people you love the most. This is more like creating a personalised list of favourite people and content creators and watching their contents when you open up your application.

The second option that you will get is following, which will purely depend on the type of people you follow. In this feed option you will see posts on a chronological order. You will see the person you follow and not any other intruding stuff. If you are looking for a feed that only comprehends the posts of your loved ones and not any other creators or if you are a person who doesn’t like suggestions of previous posts you had engaged with, then we must say this is the right option for you.

Now comes the third option, all you have is home. The current algorithm that you all are following. You will see posts of people you love and creators you follow. You can also see suggestions from accounts that post the type of contents you engage the most with.

Adam Mosseri said that all these features will be up for users by the first half of 2021. Instagram is constantly bringing updates for their users. This is a strong Selling Point they leverage, understanding pain points of each user and solving those is one of the sole reasons Instagram is widely accepted by audiences all over the world. Even Though there are several applications that are coming up each day in the market, one of the many strong reasons Instagram is still being accepted by users all over the world is in view of the fact that the team is bringing in changes and tweaks which are needed by the users. If you're working on an app that could one day replace Instagram, keep these things in mind. Any product that enters the market will be reviewed by early adopters, and this should be the primary goal for your application as well. This will allow you to launch your product with a much broader and richer market acceptance, and it is unquestionably the most important aspect in catalysing your company's growth.


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